In-house tuning services for many of today’s popular performance platforms with industry leading tuning solutions on our Mustang Dynamometer AWD Chassis Dyno (see features below).

For those customers that would like to see how much power their ride puts out, we offer power pull packages.

For Tuners and Racers, we offer half-day and full-day dyno rentals.


With ultra-low inertia and a powerful 625-hp PAU, the MD-150 is a perfect combination of power and fitness capable of handling most sport compact applications with ease. The 1200-hp measurement capacity means you’ll have no problem pulling horsepower sweeps with this low-profile dyno.

The MD-150 is best suited for real-time, steady state tuning of stand-alone engine management systems such as Autronic, MoTeC, Accel DFI, F.A.S.T., AEM, Haltech and the like. From a dynamometer stand-point, the main focus of real-time programming is dynamometer sensitivity, resolution, and set-point stability. The MD-150’s ultra-low inertia design and high speed controller maximize the user’s experience by minimizing controller “wondering” and enhancing system control – simply dial in a speed and let the MD-150 take over. Add timing and watch torque increase right on the dynamometer screen in real-time until you have optimized engine timing and fuel mixture.

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Horsepower 1,200 / 2,000-hp peak measurement capacity (2WD/AWD) 625-hp peak absorption (one eddy current)
Loading Device Air-cooled eddy current power absorber (additional eddy current available)
Inertia 630 / 1,260 lbs(2WD/AWD)
Max Speed 150 mph
Controls Closed -loop digital controller with WindowsXP based PowerDyne Software. Includes patented Virtual Road Simulation Technology (RST)
Rolls/Wheelbase Precision machined & dynamically balanced, knurled rolls Front roller grooved horizontally 8.575” diameter balanced rolls 35” face length 30” inner track width 86” outer track width 17.1” roll spacing 96”-122” fixed wheelbase (longer wheelbases available) Side-to-side coupled roller to prevent damage to traction control
Roll Decelerator Allows vehicle deceleration without use of vehicle brakes.
Roll Lock Between roll lift with integrated roll lock

2-Wheel Drive Mode: $100 per hour (Minimum 2 hours)

All-Wheel Drive Mode: $125 per hour (Minimum 2 hours)

*Tuners* = If you are in need of a rental for a customer tuning session please contact us.

$100 for 3 pulls (no AFR Reading)
$125 for 3 pulls (with AFR Reading)

A quick view to our Dyno!

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